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updated 5.3.2008
ANTS p2p protects your privacy while you are connected and makes you not trackable, hiding your identity and crypting everything you are sending/receiving from others.

Please keep in mind that:
  • This is a small, under development, network
  • It could be slow to connect, find and up/download files. This is the price to pay for anonymity
  • There are few files available
  • The files have only few sources, sometimes only one
  • There's a chance you won't find what you are searching for
  • Ants needs your help, please share files and keep online

LAST UPDATE: version 1.6.0 (to install this you must remove the old version)
To use ANTS you need Java Virtual Machine version 1.5.0_04 or above
get it from Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 Update 5
Download ANTS
Choose a version and install
.jnlp  Java Web Start version (recommended): it will auto-update when a new version is available

.exe  executable for Windows users, you can choose the installation folder (if you get Windows error 3 occured while loading
the Java VM
look here)

.jar  java archive, you can choose the installation folder

ants p2p linux guideLinux users look here installing ants on linux tutorial
Choose browser: you can use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla etc.
Specify path, for example: C:\windows\explorer.exe  or  D:\app\firefox\firefox.exe ...etc...
note: if u don't specify a browser ants can't download files
note: ants could have problems with popup block enabled
If you're behind firewall, router, NAT...
Open or forward port 443 (this is the HTTPS port, if you can see this page then your port 443 is open)

 Mac users: port 443 is a used port in MacOS X. Ants will not connect while using port 443. Mac users should indicate a port number like 4567 or 5678.
When using their firewall Mac users must allow services on port n and port n+1.
UPnP (Universal Plug And Play)
If your Operating System AND your router support UPnP check it upnp universal plug and play and your ports will be automatically opened.
Start ANTS
ants p2p guide
Check if ANTS got you're ip correctly
Look in 'settings', it must be your public ip (not LAN ip like 192.168.x.x) discover your public ip here
If you have a static ip check 'Publish ip on GwebCache' & 'Remember ip'
ants p2p guide
If you need to use Skype & ANTS at the same time
First run ANTS then run Skype
Connecting to peers
ANTS discovers peers automatically, but it works better if you check 'Search peers on Gwebcache' and 'Search peers on irc':
ants search peers orc irc

To speed up the connection procedure you can manually connect to peers using irc
Left click on every IRC user & then right click 'request connection':
ants p2p guide
If you see this you're connected
ants p2p guide
Share files
Click on 'Shared files' and add folders, check 'recursive' if you want to share also subfolders, check 'share download path' if you want to share the files you've downloaded.
Warning: hashing process could slow down your PC
Warning: changing sharing options will restart hashing process
Example of correct shared dirs
ants p2p guide
Time required to index files
It takes a little because ANTS indexes in both eMule (ed2k) and ANTS (ants2k) formats
Start to search clicking on
ants p2p guide
Enter string to search, choose type and click 'search by string'. Take a look at query reference
ants p2p guide
Or if you've got an eMule (ed2k) or ANTS (ants2k) hash, paste it and click 'search by hash'

suggestion: adding an * seems to help the search so u'd try one of the following: name*   avi*   mp3*   zip*   rar*
Search is made with Lucene API
For security reasons results change from search to search. So continue search again and again...
Sometimes results may look not related to the search, this is normal and is due to how Lucene indexes files.
Once you find the file click with right button and "download file"
ants p2p guide
ANTS will automatically find more sources and resume interrupted downloads