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You must download and install the Apache server, it will become the link between the html file you will create and Ants P2P program.
This will allow you to share any files you create anonymously with the world.

First you will go to the Apache website:

Go to the download section and find: Win32 Binary (MSI Installer): apache_2.0.50-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi
After it installs, click on the .msi file to install. You will get an info page-hit next.

Now you will get an interesting page that might look scary because it asks for domain names and e-mail address. Fear not, you can make on up. Just type it in the right form.

For network domain, enter something like:
For server name, enter something like:
For administrator email address, enter something like: [email protected]
underneath that you will see two options. Leave the default: All users on port 80 as a service-recommeded.

Hit next button
Pick typical setup and hit next to install. After installation you should see apache running in your task try. leave it alone. You are finished setting up your Apache server.

Go to your web browser and type in:
You should get a page telling you that you Apache installation was successful.

Now you have to configure Ants, which is simple. Go to the settings panel and click on: open http service. Enter proxy port: 8080 and local port: 80
Home page for now will be: index.html
Now Ants is ready. Apache is ready. All you have to do is create a webpage.

Let's do something simple. Find a .jpg picture of a naked girl.
Copy and paste it the following directory on your computer: C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs
You can delete all the other files in that directory. You don't need them, you will create your own.
Effectively this will be your share directory. Both the picture and the html file you will create must be in this directory.
So now that the picture is in this directory go back to dreamweaver.
In the toolbar you will see a green icon with a tree on it. Click on that.
Now browse your way to the place where you saved the picture:
C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs

Click on the picture and hit ok. You should now have it on your page. We are finished.
This is just a simple test. Go to the top menu and save your file.
Click: file; and then: save as. You will name this file: index.html

If you remember this is the Home Page name we typed into Ants. So for now any file you save must be in that directory with the name: index.html

I almost forgot to mention, in Ants under the Home Page field, you could enter a description for people to see. It can be anything you want. (example: free porn for all !!!)

That's it. Now go into the IRC channel and tell someone to refresh their servers and try to open it with their browser.
If they can, you are now a WEBMASTER !!!!!

If they can't open the webpage, tell them to make sure their browser has been configured correctly. To do that tell them to go to the settings page and click on: Browser Location

Then click your way to your browsers executable. For me it is: C:\Program Files\\Mozilla\mozilla.exe

You may have a different browser.

To view an http server, first click on it. The right click and hit activate. Then right click again and hit open with browser.