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------------------ CONNECTION ------------------
Where can I find a list of servers?
There are no servers. You connect to peers
How can I connect to more peers?
Increase 'Max neighbours number' in settings panel
What about those numbers between [] in 'connected ants' ?
The first is a kind of ping, the second is the number of packets waiting to be sent to that peer
There's a way to know how many users are connected? Real users not irc...
No way
What is Gwebcache?
Gnutella Web Caching System: look here
------------------ UPLOAD / DOWNLOAD ------------------
Why downloads are discontinous ?
Your packets are mixed with other people's packets so not all the data your receive is for you
A costant stream is possible only with very fast and homogeneous connections
What is counted in the 'own traffic' ? Only user data of effective file transfers or search and hashes also ?
Only effective bytes downloaded
If I'm downloading and a peer disconnect, how long does it takes to find another path to the source?
Usually you already have more than one path, so no time but it depends, it's not a rule
I fund a file but the source reports 0% what does it mean ?
0% means either the source is "Remote", so you don't have info about the total size it has downloaded, or the source has actually downloaded no chunks so it has 0% of the total file.
Remote means the source is very distant from you.
How much hash data is there per MB of user data?
There're 128 bits every 640Kbyte of the file being hashed, so divide the file size by 640k and multiply per 128bit plus a general 128bit hash over the hash. No that much.
------------------ SHARED FILES ------------------
Why does the hashing takes so long ?
There are two hashing processes the ed2k one is taken from emule the ANts2k one is very efficient but the parts being hashed are small that's why it takes a lot
If I disconnect the list of my shared files is still available ?
No, the list it totally removed from the network
What about shared folders names ?
Lucene indexes also the folder name.
If your share  /movies/holidays.avi  and somebody searches for 'movies' your file holidays.avi will be shown among results.
If your share  /black/white.rar  and somebody searches for 'black' your file white.rar will be shown among results.
Usually this creates misunderstanding among users because they got a result that seems not related to the query.

Pay attention to what folders you share, example: sharing path  myname/mysurname/white.rar   will make public your name & surname
What is the file size limit that ANTS can index?
Should be 4.2 GB (to be confirmed)
------------------ SEARCH ------------------
Example of common search
title author mp3   ( searches for 'title' OR 'author' OR 'mp3' )
+title +author +mp3   ( searches for 'title' AND 'author' AND 'mp3' )
+title +author -mp3   ( searches for 'title' AND 'author' but doesn't show mp3 files )
+title +author +rar -avi -mpg   ( searches for 'title' AND 'author' AND 'rar' but doesn't show avi AND mpg files)
"title author"   ( searches for exactly "title author" )
Searches must be repeated
For security reasons there's a chance that even if ANTS finds something it won't be shown in the results.
So it's better to always 'search more'
Sometimes during a search I can push "more" before the search is complete: why?
The button more appears as soon as all the former search messages have been sent so it's not related to the end of the search, you can ask more before the search is completed and you may get the results before getting those of the former search
To copy and paste
Highlight the whole thing and hit Ctrl+C to copy and then Ctrl+V to paste into ants query field. Then hit search.
------------------ GENERAL USAGE ------------------
Can I use Ants and eMule at the same time ?
Yes. A powerfull cpu, much ram and a fast connection are recommended.
Tip: assign to each program a limited amount of bandwidth
Sometime I found the cpu very loaded by JVM
Run the 'index optimization' in the settings panel
Why are there so many concurrent threads within ants?
Having many thread doesn't help cpu, but in ANts there are a lot of concurrent things to do: managing downloads, managing uploads, managing searches, managing your packets, managing others' packets... so that's basically the reason
I'm blocked with this message: 'Initializing ANts...'
Delete these files:
What happens if I rename a file using filesystem? Does it generates a different hash?
No, the file name is not part of the hash
------------------ ANONYMITY ------------------
How can ANTS be secure if it's open source?
All secure systems are open source, a closed system is a not secure system
How can ANTS be secure if I see all users' IP's ?
There's no ID-IP relation, there's no possibility to make a relation between IDīs and IPīs. It is not possible to identify any IP-Adress of your shared files.
Can somebody spy peer's traffic and decrypt it ?
He'd encircle the peer and be sure of this.
The first could be done the second no. With at least 20/25 peers it's almost impossible that somebody can intercept your keys exchange, decrypt them and prove that you're sending certain data.
What is endpoint encryption ?
Endpoint encryption means proxy nodes cannot identify the data they proxy.
Using endpoint encryption you get real privacy, because only the two who communicate can decrypt the messages
------------------ HTTP SERVER ------------------
What is HTTP SERVER ? How can I set it up with ants ?
complete tutorial here